Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bassnectar Brings Good Vibes to Terminal 5

What better place to round out a 9 month long Freestyle Tour than in New York City? Bassnectar did just that with his final two shows on November 18th and 19th at Terminal 5.  With his two-hour long set Bassnectar transported Terminal 5 to another world of bass, love and good vibes.  While the majority of his set consisted of his own tracks, Bassnectar also featured some tracks produced by other EDM artists like Run DMT After an hour of raging, Bassnectar put a halt to his set to take a few moments to remind his fans of his emphasis on good vibes and, as always, to take a "family photo." During his already trance-like track, Butterfly, all perception of time was lost.  Out of the countless EDM shows I've been too, Bassnectar's visuals and light show were, by far, the most captivating I've yet to see.  Two hours of music felt like less than one and by the end of the night, even after ending his set with a crowd favorite, his Pink Elephants Remix, the crowd was still begging for more.

While audio alone is hardly comparable to the intensity of a Bassnectar show, 
here's a taste of a few incredible tracks you can expect to be unable to resist raging to whether it be at a show or by yourself at home:

TImestretch (2012)
Butterfly ft. Mimi Page (2012)
Ping Pong (2012)
The Matrix (2011)
Plugged In (2011)
Red Step (2011)
Magical World ft. Nelly Furtado (2010)
Bass Head (2010)

Download Bassnectar's new EP Freestyle!

Bassnectar has only a few shows left on his current tour.
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11/18/12 Terminal 5 NY 
Family Photo taken by Heather Marie Ryan

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