Monday, December 10, 2012

Track of the Day: Tetris - Doctor P

Circus Records

I don't know about you but, here at The Electronic Edition, we are big fans of Circus Records, of course, including Doctor P.  While Doctor P has come to be known as one of the originators of the lovely shrill high pitched screech element we all now know and love as one of the staples of a good dubstep track, his constant experimentation and alterations of sounds have led him to be one of the driving forces influencing both the dubstep and drum and bass genres. 
Every new Doctor P track I hear, instantly becomes my new favorite Doctor P track.  Just one listen and Doctor P's extreme talents as a producer are evident. Even after years of discovering new EDM music left and right, Tetris still remains one of my all time favorite tracks. When you check out Doctor P's spin on the theme from a class arcade game and I'm sure you'll agree, it's a tune you won't soon forget.  I could sit here and hype up the intensity of the drop or wobbling bass but, I think I'll let Tetris speak for itself.
Sweet Shop (2009)
Big Boss (2010)
Watch Out (2011)

Check out Doctor P's most recent EP Animal Vegetable Mineral Pt. 1
 which is available for purchase through iTunes and Beatport

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