Saturday, December 8, 2012

Download Rusko's New EP Kapow

Since his debut album in 2006, Rusko has been building, what is now, a very big name for himself within the electronic music world. With his more upbeat dubstep tracks and live performances, Rusko has built up a reputation for making great music and putting on great shows.  The UK born and raised dubstep producer is at it again and this time with his first ever self-released EP Kapow. Kapow was originally released exclusively on iTunes on November 6th of this year.

By now you may be asking yourself, "What could be better than a new release from one of the original producers of the EDM world?"  Well, not only has Rusko released an EP consisting of four new tracks but, they are all being offered for FREE DOWNLOAD.
You can visit Rusko's Official Site and download Kapow now.
All you have to do is Pay with Tweet, post on Facebook or sign up for his mailing list.
That's it!

 Just in case you haven't been lucky enough to discover Rusko for yourself, here's a few tracks you must give a listen:

Jahova (2007)
Cockney Thug (2010)
Woo Boost (2010)

Tickets are still available to experience Rusko live.

Photo Source: Official Rusko Website

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