Thursday, April 4, 2013

DJ of the Week: Subset

Brooklyn native, Mark Martinez, has been making a name for himself in the EDM game with mixes released as early as 2012, under his DJ name 'Subset', with his undeniably skillful mixing and energetic live performances.  Best known as a resident DJ, he is currently one of the driving forces behind the killer acts booked week after week for the notorious 'BASSment Saturdays' at, the one and only, Webster Hall.

  Here's a look at the man behind those wild nights of big bass and hard partying.  
Subset has shared the stage with major the artists of all different genres such as Bassnectar, Pendulum, Nero, Skream & Benga, Terravita, Zeds Dead, Zedd and even Borgore.  His seamless mixing of a variety of genres allows him to put out mixes you'll find yourself playing over and over again whether it be on your iPod, in your dorm or at parties.  Even as I've been writing this post, I've been getting lost in the Good Vibrations mix.
You want Trap? Dubstep? Garage? Rap? Hardstyle? Moombahton? 
Look no further, Subset blends all of these genres and more making his mixes appealing to music lovers of all genres. You can check out his mixes on his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter to stay updated.

Good Vibrations (2013)
Critical Level EP (Microdose collaboration) (2013)
Rasputin (Heffay collaboration(2013)
Atom (Nari & Milani Remix) (2012)
Blowin' Money In Paradize (Rick Ross & Styles P Remix) (2010)

I caught Subset's set for the first time when he opened for Figure at one of Webster Hall's Zombie Raves and have been following his releases since. 
I'm sure many of you guys tend to show up way after doors for the artist you're there to see but I'm here to encourage all of you to BREAK THE HABIT.  Subset helped changed my view on getting to shows early to catch the openers.  His set blew the crowd away, needless to say, by the time Figure was ready to go on, Subset had already, single-handedly, brought enough energy with him to keep Webster amped for the rest of the night.  
One hour mixes can seem a bit much for those of you with commitment issues but, with a DJ like Subset it's worth every second (I promise they won't leave your heart broken but, maybe your speakers ).
One thing's for sure, this guy knows how to mix.  Catch him while you can, I expect bigger and bigger things from him for years and years to come.

Be sure to get your tickets to this weekend's BASSment Saturday before they sell out!

                    BASSment Saturdays Facebook

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walk In The Fire with Dirtyphonics and their Debut Album Irreverrence

Dirtyphonics released their debut album entitled Irreverence yesterday which has instantaneously captured the attention of Dirtyphonics fans, EDM fans and quality music fans alike.  Well-known for their skillful experimenting and blending of various genres such as drum and bass, dubstep, electro house and even electro rock, once again, Dirtyphonics did not fail to deliver us a heavy dose of originality with their new album.  Irreverence gives us a taste of the classic Dirtyphonics we know and love while still displaying their further development as artists.  Irreverance features Dirtyphonics collaborations with Steve Aoki (Stage Divers), Modestep (Los Angeles), Foreign Beggars (No Stopping Us) and Leila Moss (Hanging on Me)    In addition to giving us 10 of the most kick-ass Dirtyphonics tracks thus far, the guys tackled the unlikely feat of defining their already original sound with some of the hardcore elements of heavy metal with their track Walk in the Fire.  Don't be alarmed by the intense guitar riffs and blast beats kicking this track off; they only add to the intensity of this darkly satisfying metal/drum and bass track.  Now here's something to share with your metalheads and your bassheads. The Paris natives have been producing music together since 2004:

Vandals (2009)
Dirty (2012)

With their countless successful tracks and the dramatic positive feedback following the release of Irreverence after just one day, the guys of Dirtyphonics are showing no signs of slowing down. By now I'm sure you're dying to hear the highly anticipated album you've been hearing so much about.  It's finally here!  You can check out the entire album on Dim Mak Records before you buy it on iTunes.  

I had the privilege of catching their set at the UKF US Launch Party this passed winter and I can promise, you do not want to miss the high energy they bring to a live performance. You can catch Dirtyphonics on tour this summer at Tomorrowland, Cochella and Euphoria Festival or you can also get tickets to one of the shows on their current tour right HERE.

Photo Credit:  Official Dirtyphonics Facebook & Beatport

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swedish House Mafia supports Hurricane Sandy Relief

swedish house mafia

As I'm sure most of you are aware, the East Coast was, recently, hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Major parts of Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey were destroyed over the course of this natural disaster.  In addition, numerous lives of the people who inhabit these areas were affected.  Gas shortages, power outages, destruction of homes, and looting plagued the East coast for more than a week as a result of the hurricane's wrath. Most devastating of all was the loss of more than 110 people's lives during the course of this storm. Hurricane Sandy has, no doubt, left a huge impact on the areas it affected.  The East Coast will be forced to face these lasting affects for months and even years to come but, on a lighter note, many people have come to the aid of Hurricane Sandy victims including Swedish House Mafia. 

Swedish House Mafia had previously announced an indefinite hiatus to follow their One Last Tour but, the EDM superstars won't stop there, at least not before making their contribution to Hurricane Sandy relief.
SHM announced their 'Black Tie Rave' to be held February 28th in the midst of their final tour. This event will take place at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and will require black tie and ball gown attire be worn by all of its attendees.
Tickets for this classy event will be auctioned on Ticketmaster starting as early as December 14th at 10AM with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the Mayor's fund to aid the victims of Sandy within New York and New Jersey.
With Swedish House Mafia's numerous Gold and Platinum hits and reputation as one of the most successful supergroups amongst the electronic dance music community, as well as all over the world, this night is sure to be an unforgettable way to make your contribution and help out the many people affected by this tragedy.

One (Know Your Name) (2010) 
Greyhound (2012)
Save the World (2011)
Don't Your Worry Child (2012)

Official Black Tie Rave Trailer
Shall We Dance?

Photo Source: Billboard Article

Monday, December 10, 2012

Track of the Day: Tetris - Doctor P

Circus Records

I don't know about you but, here at The Electronic Edition, we are big fans of Circus Records, of course, including Doctor P.  While Doctor P has come to be known as one of the originators of the lovely shrill high pitched screech element we all now know and love as one of the staples of a good dubstep track, his constant experimentation and alterations of sounds have led him to be one of the driving forces influencing both the dubstep and drum and bass genres. 
Every new Doctor P track I hear, instantly becomes my new favorite Doctor P track.  Just one listen and Doctor P's extreme talents as a producer are evident. Even after years of discovering new EDM music left and right, Tetris still remains one of my all time favorite tracks. When you check out Doctor P's spin on the theme from a class arcade game and I'm sure you'll agree, it's a tune you won't soon forget.  I could sit here and hype up the intensity of the drop or wobbling bass but, I think I'll let Tetris speak for itself.
Sweet Shop (2009)
Big Boss (2010)
Watch Out (2011)

Check out Doctor P's most recent EP Animal Vegetable Mineral Pt. 1
 which is available for purchase through iTunes and Beatport

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Release from Bangers Royale

In today's "New Release" post, we are featuring a progressive/electro house due from Venice, Italy who call themselves Bangers Royale.  Bangers Royale are now based in New York and Venice, consists of brothers Flip-Ho and Max Biker who discovered their passion for music very early on.  Before Bangers Royale, Flip-Ho and Max experimented on their own, further developing their skills as both, DJs and prodcuers.  Now, they have teamed up and have released a new single called Psycho Tuna available for purchase on Beatport. Typically, the progressive element, which is a key part of progressive house tunes, tends to created a feeling of suspense within their listeners.  Psycho Tuna is no different.  This track is guaranteed to leave you eager to replay it before it has even ended.  I can easily see this track becoming more popularized amongst the EDM community and even added to playlists of DJs worldwide. 

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out Avalon, another great single.
While this may be the first you are hearing of Bangers Royale, I can assure you, it will not be the last.  Keep and eye on their Beatport, Twitter and, Facebook as they will be releasing their next single in just two weeks.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Download Rusko's New EP Kapow

Since his debut album in 2006, Rusko has been building, what is now, a very big name for himself within the electronic music world. With his more upbeat dubstep tracks and live performances, Rusko has built up a reputation for making great music and putting on great shows.  The UK born and raised dubstep producer is at it again and this time with his first ever self-released EP Kapow. Kapow was originally released exclusively on iTunes on November 6th of this year.

By now you may be asking yourself, "What could be better than a new release from one of the original producers of the EDM world?"  Well, not only has Rusko released an EP consisting of four new tracks but, they are all being offered for FREE DOWNLOAD.
You can visit Rusko's Official Site and download Kapow now.
All you have to do is Pay with Tweet, post on Facebook or sign up for his mailing list.
That's it!

 Just in case you haven't been lucky enough to discover Rusko for yourself, here's a few tracks you must give a listen:

Jahova (2007)
Cockney Thug (2010)
Woo Boost (2010)

Tickets are still available to experience Rusko live.

Photo Source: Official Rusko Website

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bassnectar Brings Good Vibes to Terminal 5

What better place to round out a 9 month long Freestyle Tour than in New York City? Bassnectar did just that with his final two shows on November 18th and 19th at Terminal 5.  With his two-hour long set Bassnectar transported Terminal 5 to another world of bass, love and good vibes.  While the majority of his set consisted of his own tracks, Bassnectar also featured some tracks produced by other EDM artists like Run DMT After an hour of raging, Bassnectar put a halt to his set to take a few moments to remind his fans of his emphasis on good vibes and, as always, to take a "family photo." During his already trance-like track, Butterfly, all perception of time was lost.  Out of the countless EDM shows I've been too, Bassnectar's visuals and light show were, by far, the most captivating I've yet to see.  Two hours of music felt like less than one and by the end of the night, even after ending his set with a crowd favorite, his Pink Elephants Remix, the crowd was still begging for more.

While audio alone is hardly comparable to the intensity of a Bassnectar show, 
here's a taste of a few incredible tracks you can expect to be unable to resist raging to whether it be at a show or by yourself at home:

TImestretch (2012)
Butterfly ft. Mimi Page (2012)
Ping Pong (2012)
The Matrix (2011)
Plugged In (2011)
Red Step (2011)
Magical World ft. Nelly Furtado (2010)
Bass Head (2010)

Download Bassnectar's new EP Freestyle!

Bassnectar has only a few shows left on his current tour.
Buy your tickets now while you still can!

11/18/12 Terminal 5 NY 
Family Photo taken by Heather Marie Ryan