Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Artist of the Week: Caspa


Our first Artist of the Week spot goes to "the dopest ghost in town": Caspa who kicked off the first night of his U.S. tour on Thursday night at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.  

Right from the start, Caspa had the Paradise Rock Club raging to his set original tracks and mixes asking the crowd who had school in the morning and calling upon them to "Get fucked up." 
If you weren't there, you were missing out.  
Dropping numerous tracks from artists such as Skrillex, Dead Mau5, Trolley Snatcha, The Prodigy, Nero, Rusko, Skream, Doctor P as well as tracks of his own, Caspa had the club jumping to over two hours of non-stop energy infused music as he enjoyed every minute of it. He took us on a journey from new and old throughout his set ending with some of his older tracks. There was something for all EDM music lovers of dubstep, house and drum n bass alike.

Tracks featured in his set included:
Fucking Die, Make It Bun Dem, Breakin' a Sweat, Devil's Den, Right on Time (Skrillex)
Make My Whole World (Trolley Snatcha)
Must Be the Feeling, Promises (Nero)
In For the Kill (Skream)
Sweet Shop (Doctor P) 
Raise Your Weapon, I Remember (Dead Mau5)

I have to admit, my top 3 favorite tracks of the night were his mixes of "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy (one of the original influences in the electronic music world), his drum 'n' bass mix of Promises originally produced by Nero and his transition from Where's My Money into Bass Cannon.
Caspa rounded out his set with four of my favorite tracks.  If you know anything about Caspa, chances are you've heard Cockney Thug but, what I didn't expect was to hear Rusko's original track and even more pleasantly surprising was him following it up with Jahova.  Last but, certainly not least, Caspa threw on his well-known mix of Dead Mau5 and Kaskade's track, I Remember and walked off stage with the crowd begging for more, only to return and salute the crowed before ending his set for the night.

If you haven't already, grab tickets to one of his US tour dates before they sell out!
For more music like Caspa, you can check out his label Storming Productions as well as Dub Police consisting of more sick dubstep and drum n bass artists.

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